Raiden Shogun Wallpaper | Genshin Impact Wallpaper Phone

Raiden Shogun Wallpaper | Genshin Impact Wallpaper Phone

Raiden Shogun Wallpaper | Genshin Impact Wallpaper Phone

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Raiden Shogun - Electro Character - Inazuma Archon

General Raiden is a firm believer in what she holds forever, a place where nothing changes no matter what. She has a fine attitude and is respected by the people of Inazuma.

General Raiden exists in two forms: Ei, her true form, and Shogun, a puppet created by Ei to act in her place as the ruler of Inazuma while meditating on the plane of Etimia. This doll follows a series of programmed instructions that are very difficult to change even for an egg. The general is cold, strict, and even callous at times. She has limited expression of her emotions, she is picky and does not need rest. Shogun considers himself Ice's assistant and does exactly what Ice wants. She can't act without Ais' orders, and with her normal functions disabled, Shogun can't do anything. Due to her restricted protocol and Ei's initial indifference to anything other than her eternal goal, the puppets are easily manipulated by outside forces, such as the Kujo clan and the Fatui clan tricking them into thinking that the Vision Initiated and supported her Hunt Order.

Ei has a tougher-than-average demeanor, but she is much more emotional and sociable than Shogun. Because of her devotion to eternity, Aye is skeptical of the idea of ​​change. However, she shows curiosity rather than contempt for novelties such as the arrival of the Traveler and the customs of the modern world. Having lost many of her loved ones over the centuries, Ei is horrified by further losses and wants to keep her Inazuma forever. To this end, she sealed herself in the plane of Euthymia to protect herself from the effects of Corrosion, and created the puppet Shogun to be immune to corporeal decay. was indifferent to anything that would not hinder her quest for eternity, and had a low opinion of human ambitions. I really enjoy the company of , so I couldn't escape my loneliness.

Despite her flawed behavior, Ei truly loves Inazuma like a sister and wants to protect her and her people forever. Willing to show remorse and change her view of eternity to become a better ruler for her people. She also earned a new respect for human ambitions and achievements.


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